Monday, June 21, 2010

Micaela's sense of humor...

I keep forgetting to share this with you... Micaela really has a quick and dry sense of humor!

When it comes to our lunch table - we usually only have one vinegarette salad dressing on the table - not five different choices.... like the folks from the States are used to.

When one of our new guests asked if 'the salad dressing was a vinegarette dressing' - she chirped - yes, we only serve female salad dressings here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Growing Herd

Amazing that I have not yet posted this photo correctly of the really special hog that JohnD bagged just the Sunday after all of our guests left. He was so very excited!
We are the proud owners of yet another little nguni bull born this morning. He is called Rocky... the Vosgatters came to visit (my cousin Bren and her family), and JohnD got to name this new young Bull... he wanted to name him after cute little Roxy - his 2nd cousin!!!
I'm very glad to report that Micaela's Jasmine is now through the 'woods' and is recovering from Horse Sickness.... for those not living in Africa - it's like a Horse Malaria. Sadly it claims a lot of really good horses each year. Our little tough mare is just amazing...
It's positively freezing here.... all sane people are wrapped up in winter woolies - tucked under feather duvet covers!!! I don't ever remember a winter this cold :(

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little Virginia!

Oh yes, we have a new little heifer calf, who was born while Charlie and Virginia were with us... actually the day before they left. With Ken hunting, I'd been keeping an eye on them, as I knew it was close. It would take me about a half hour to walk down to their camp... find them... count them all, and then walk home. They are such a quiet and peaceful herd of cows, and really are very friendly!

On Sunday, Ken and JD were able to go out hunting again, and JD made a really great shot on his first hog! :) Great excitement all around. Thanks so much Terry - for all of your hard work on the 222 - it really made all of the difference!

Kids finished all of their tests today, so school is officially closed. While in town today, the noise from all of the "VUVUZELLAS" was just overwhelming! There is great excitement all around with the opening on Friday. I sure am glad I don't have one of those things here... and think anyone attending matches should also go armed with ear protection... they make a horrid noise.