Thursday, December 15, 2011

Closing 2011 - HAPPY CHRISTMAS

A very warm and sunny greeting all of the way from Bandolierkop. I don’t know where you are when you read this, but it is our heartfelt prayer that you are happy, surrounded by those you love, and those who love you. We pray that Christmas this year will be special for you and unlike all of the others in a very good way. May you know and experience the inner peace - that passes all understanding – that is our gift from Jesus… fresh and new every day. JohnD has a friend visiting, and the table tennis table has yet again become the source of much hilarity and challenges. He also had the opportunity to play in his very first official SATA tennis tournament, in Pieterburg… it was a two day round robin, and in his age group he came 16th . It was very good experience for him, and while he was thoroughly whipped by many good players, he will go in more confident next time. They played “sudden death” after duce, and the best of 7 games - so the games and matches were over very quickly. (Not sure if this makes sense to any of you, but never mind!)

Most of the cattle have calved – just a few more babies expected for this year, so we have loads of very adorable little ones running around and enjoying the fresh green growth of summer. We have built a small crush and milking pen at Silverbank, and have started milking two of the new first time calvers. One of them is Vanilla, the foster mommy – and the other is a very sweet cow Micaela has named Dolly. We are all enjoying the lovely fresh full cream farm milk!!!

Micaela and JohnD are enjoying the summer break from school. At the beginning of December, Micaela went off to a camp in Pretoria for 13/14 year olds, (all heading off to high school next year). She had a lot of fun, and learnt a lot! She has her school clothes washed and ready, her hostel bedding also ready, and most of her supplies that she needs. She is very much looking forward to the adventure of it all next year! They start mid January. Kobie made this beautiful quilt for her, for her hostel bed.
Our beloved Champ took a tumble off Shrek last week Wednesday and the back wheel went over him. Talk about heart stopping. He has had no less than three trips to the vet, two lots of xrays, and several injections. He is healing up nicely and much to our relief – there is nothing broken or fractured. He has been LOVING all of the TLC, and the pampering, and is recovering very well.

Here at Shi-awela we have a house full for Christmas again this year, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! We have family coming from Zimbabwe (my sister Jenny and her family), the UK, Cape Town and Johannesburg (my Aunt, cousins and their family). We can’t wait!

In closing ... may our precious Heavenly Father, bless and keep you! We look forward to all that 2012 has in store, and we pray for HIS continued blessing over you all.

Very fondly,

Ken, Jo, Micaela, JohnD, Dennis & Carol xxx