Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

JohnD's 11th Birthday

What a faithful God we have. What a privilege to be part of His Family. JohnD celebrated his 11th birthday yesterday, and what a day it was! What a joy to be able to celebrate. Cake at school, lots of attention at cricket, and then a surprise birthday party thrown in his honor by the Malan family... we had popped in there for 'coffee', and UNBEKNOWNS to any of us, the table was set and ready for a little party in his honor. What a precious gift!
The day before his birthday, he was just too excited for words, and made a concerted effort to do absolutely everything possible AGAIN quickly, as it's "MY LAST CHANCE TO DO IT WHILE I'M TEN MOM"... This was said of requiring chips for supper, needing to go hunting for a GNU (which he was incredibly lucky to get - Ken took him out at last light, to satisfy his urgency!), needing to watch yet another dvd, play another electronic game, hold the mongoose (who now is officially called "GUSTAV"!). . . you name it, he thought of it and did it! It was quite funny, but remarkably fulfilling for us to see and enjoy.
We plan to take him and his friends fishing on Saturday, with a picnic lunch. ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Filling experience

touchy subject i know, but i'm new to this. i chipped my back molar and had to have the tooth filled. oh man oh man oh man... there is NO FEELING LIKE a dead mouth. i eventually decided to just not talk, and keep my teeth together. (very hard for me you know!) for all of you folks out there who have had injections in your gums for various reasons - you have my sympathy. :( that was my very first time, and i hope to never have that experience again. it sucks.

yes my beautiful, amazing, strong, noisy, and very cute little friend is still alive. the longer he / she remains nameless, the harder it is to all agree on the best name! his feedings now stretch to about one and a half hours, and sometimes at night he will even go two hours between feeds! ;)happy me!

Monday, January 17, 2011

'He' is still alive!

.... oh the joys of getting 1ml of milk successfully down, every hour.... followed by a successful potty.... followed by a successful nap.

VICTORY in such small doses is what makes "life " alive. ;)

We certainly think he is going to qualify for a really spectacular name. ????
And me? Well, my name is sleepyhead.

hAPPY monDAY!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dwarf Mongoose

Ken & Micaela went out yesterday evening to try and find the new calf born yesterday... no luck on that one, but they came home with a newborn baby dwarf mongoose. It's Mommy was nowhere to be found, and this tiny, black, VERY noisy, stinky, squirming baby is smaller than my thumb... With feeding it hourly (using the smallest syringe I have) my brain feels like putty! Poor little thing is sleeping in my hand, so this typing job has gotten a whole lot harder!

Monday, January 10, 2011

"Swinging Along"

Back into the swing of things - 2011 is hear already. I'm so proud of myself - I FINALLY got our news letter out, and emailed. If you didn't receive it (and want it), PLEASE let me know. We have had such difficulties with power cuts and internet disconnections - it has been a real challenge. BUT - it's always that way this time of the year. Rain and thunderstorms constantly challenge our communications. Never mind the spam blockages on many email accounts - I've had about 70 messages bounce back undeliverable. :( is the best address to use for contacting us. The .com one is a little unreliable.

The planning for Ken's trip this year to the USA is ticking along nicely. LOTS of work to do for me, but I'm getting there. He will be travelling alone this year and will spend time in Gerogia, Grand Rapids and South Carolina Lord Willing. Carol will have her hip replacement op in February, and with our recent trip to Australia, I'm staying home. Yes, I am quite happy and at peace about it - but I will so MISS seeing you all!

School started again this morning, and my dearest darling daughter snuck her CAT AND ALL FIVE KITTENS into the car!!!!!! When I popped by there just now - she was as 'tickled pink' as she could be! She told me to my face (with a twinkle in her eyes) that she didn't ask as she knew I'd say no!!! Fortunately for her (and me) I did know that this morning was more about sorting / planning / preparations and refocusing, so it was not of any major consequence! All five horses are visiting Grandma and Grandpa's home - helping to mow all of their nyummy long grass... so she is like a little pig in mud there!

I'm also a bit like a 'piggie in mud' this morning, as our Nguni herd have come back to the house today, and are all lazing around in the field in front of our home. I just love watching them all, especially all of the little calves. This little lady is "Bella" ;) named after my niece in Australia!
Here's to a very happy new year to you all! Blessings, favor, success and heart peace in all you do!!!