Monday, May 6, 2013

Aardwolf sighting

While Ken and Terry were hunting, Ken was totally blessed to get this amazing picture of an Aardwolf in the daytime... complete with the flies!  
How is this for a portrait? ;) I didn't even know Dassies had teeth!!
 And this little lady... well she is just the LOVE of Ken's life...  I don't know who adores who more... him or her!
 The flowers this time of year are just tooo pretty for words!

 And it's always great to see the jerrys!

Fishing with Grandpa and Hockey...

Last day of the school holidays, Grandpa Ken and JohnD managed to squeeze in some fishing north of the Soutpansberg.

 Micaela had some fun ... she is reserve for the U16 A team, and Center link for the U16 B team.
 Our windmill here at home (water supply for the lodge and house) needed a complete service / overhaul... talk about a job!
 Some more pretty pictures...

 Awesome having Terry Blauwkamp back again with Jo. This was their 8th Safari with us.
One unluck Rock rabbit (Dassie), and one happy python...

Breaker Morant Documentary

Yes, we had some fun with this! The makers of the Australian Documentary on Breaker Morant, needed a sandy dry river bed in which they could film the shooting of Visser...  We have a beautiful spot, and we were happy to oblige!  Naturally when the producer met Ken and saw how DASHING he is, they asked him to participate. He was suitably kitted out with their uniform, and acted to the manor born!  It was a fun day!
 It was a REAL joy to have Hennie van Leeuwen back again.  He was joined by Eric Swinkels, and we had a fun week of hunting. The most memorable shot was this Impala taken by Hennie on the last day of their safari.  This ram was running across the road and was shot while jumping. He died in the air!!!
 Tea and cookies?
Snippy and JohnD went after this bushbuck ran, and JohnD made an excellent shot.
I could not believe the out of season lamb that I came accross... just when we think we know what to expect in the bush... we get surprised! 
We now also have some sable.... 3 to be exact!  I will bake you a cake if you can find them... they sure love the thick bush, and I have yet to see them since they arrived!!!
One of our 2010 Heifers...
 We have the first of our winter calves arriving... exciting stuff :) 

Photo FEAST!

A brief glance at March and April we had the Foster family here again, with some very fun moments! 

Trevor and Snippy after a GNU...
Rhyanne and JohnD did some hunting together...
Ken had some fun with his camera...

Bennett with her Daddy on a koppie
Rhyanne's Blesbuck. They sure worked hard for this one!

Can you believe the zoom on Ken's camera? Pretty impressive!