Sunday, June 28, 2009


Oh I just have to share this with you!!! We had a table set up for the children (all five of them) in the sunset lounge, and we adults were all eating in the dining room. At the point of saying grace, they were trying to determine who should pray. Their ages were discussed, and each was stating how old they were. Ken was outside the sunset lounge, and with the blinds down, the children did not know they had a secret audience! JohnD's comment about his age was that he was 9 years and 4 chemo treatments old!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bouncing back!

We have watched him completely turn around this week, and he is back to 'normal' again - eating like he should, full of mischief, smiles, and enjoying life. His medicine is finished.
We have two little friends here for the weekend - Agnes and her brother Julias Jacobson. They are from Sweden, and their ages match Micaela and JohnD's perfectly! Their parents had to go to Johannesburg for the weekend, so it's a mutually beneficial weekend sleepover!

We will be very sad to say goodbye to the Stone family tomorrow. It's been such a wonderful 12 days for both children - as Delaney has kept them entertained and they have played up a storm.

Young Michael Philpott shot an impressive Nyala this afternoon! Will try publish a photo on my next post!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Pain in the Neck"

After a full week of real throat troubles, mouth ulsers and not eating or drinking - he has finally turned the corner. He has been suffering the side effects of chemo quite badly this time around, with a mucusitis condition to be the worrying problem. This is a very frequent occurring post chemotherapy sequelum. Fortunately, he seems to be on the mend now.
The lodge is busy and pretty full, so that keeps him interested and side tracted. Micaela is delighted to have the undivided attention of Delaney - who is just a year older than her. They certianly have been having fun.
His next chemo session is scheduled for the 6th of July, Lord willing. Ken and I are well - as are Dennis and Carol. The children are looking forward to the July school holidays!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

God is good!

Home again - after VIDE session number 4. We have another two treatments to go on this 1st phase. It will be followed by 7 sessions of VAC treatment. At least the VAC treatment will only mean 24 hours in hospital each 3 weeks, and not four days in hospital!

This time went very much like the last three times... Him watching cartoon network and giggling for the best part of the day. Me sitting with him mending, or reading! Then as the day wears out - he goes down pretty quickly. Here is a snapshot of him managing alittle smile. He really has been doing so very well and we are amazed at how quickly he bounces back. He has been managing little meals - eating really slowly seems to be the key to keeping it down. There is no place like home. :)
Micaela took great pride in working very hard at the lodge while we were away, and proved herself to be a remarkable little "hostess" - so I was VERY proud to hear all of the glowing praise when we got home!

He is now intent on going hunting with Ken this afternoon! The bad weather we have had all week has meant that the hunters have been struggling.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

4th Session

We are off to Pretoria again tomorrow morning for JohnD's fourth session. It will be just him and I - again this time. We will no doubt be in hospital until Thursday.

He has been keeping extremly well and has had a good appetite of late. He is now starting to lose his eyelashes too.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Keeping Busy!

These two of mine really are amazing - they certainly do well at keeping each other entertained and playing together. JohnD has now started teaching Micaela how to shoot his bow!

We had a little friend of Micaela's (Bianca is on the right) come out to spend Saturday night here - and they had fun dressing up!

Ken left today for Thornybush. We have Mike & Mini Victory here from Boise. They will spend a little time in the Hoedspruit area and Kruger National Park, before coming here. While they are here, we will also have David, Deborah and Delaney (12 years) Stone here from Charleston... followed by Peter & Michael Philpott from Fort Worth! It's going to be a busy month!

On Monday I plan to head back to Pretoria again for JohnD's fourth chemo session. Will do blood tests on Friday to check that his levels are safe to continue.
I collect Ben Kern from the airport on Wednesday. We are excited about his arrival too - as he will be here for about eight weeks during our busiest time.