Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Puff Adder Bite

It appears that our beloved Champ is determined to make 2012 a year to remember!  It started with the amputation of his left back leg, in February (after the accident).  He then really took a dip with his recovery, remaining quite underweight - despite many different feeding programs, and medication.
On Sunday, we noticed a small wound on his head, and thought he might have been bitten by something - maybe a tussle with another dog. Our little Snip is having her first  cycle, so they have been rather active!
On Monday, a lot of swelling had accumulated, and we took him to the vet. They said that he was showing classic signs of a puff adder bite.  We have absolutely no idea how or where it happened.  
Poor guy - he looks way worse than he feels.  He has still been very excited to go for walks, and has not lost his appetite, so we are trusting that he will make a full recovery! Thank you Lord for modern medicine!
In going though some of the photos of the most recent hunt, Ken thought it would be fun to add this action picture to the blog!  Craig and Allen wanted to learn how to play cricket, so John-D and Ivan taught them.  Snip was desperate to play too, but eventually had to be banned from the game!

We had another 15mls of rain last night, after a terrible wind storm. We have been so concerned to see all of the damage and the horrific ravaging of the NY area by "Sandy".  Our little wind storm was nothing, but it sure had us praying anxiously, and fully aware of how quickly weather conditions can change.  Thankfully there was no damage.  We have had 3 and a half inches to date, which is more than last year's total rainfall!
Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by Sandy, and we are praying for your safety.
Micaela will start writing her year end exams next week, and will finish her grade 8 year at the end of November. John-D will finish his grade 5 year at the end of November too! Luck for him, he does not need to write exams like she does!  He will be playing in the tennis tournament in Polokwane again at the beginning of December.  He has bought himself a new tennis racket, and practices at every opportunity he can!  
Big hugs to you all!  Keep in touch, we love to hear from you.

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Calves and Beautiful rains

My goodness the little weavers are busy this morning, and the veld is just screaming with life and joy.  This really is such a wonderful time of the year.  We have beautiful warm sunny weather, dynamic and stunning sunsets because of the clouds, and of course all of the new life!  What a joy to be alive.
The first of our new calves was born Sunday last week, and we are expecting an "avalanche" of them to come in the next two months!
Ken has been very busy with the soft ground, making preparations for the building of the new cattle kraal.  Despite the long hot days, its so rewarding to see the progress!  Micaela and JohnD both just have until the end of November, and then their grade 8 and 6 school years will officially be over!  Micaela recieved a total of 5 certificates at the prize giving last week, and we are so proud of her achievements this year.  What a long way we have come from home schooling for her first 7 grades, and now public boarding school!  She is still so happy there, and just loves it all.
JohnD has continued to school with Kobie, and it has been going really well - considering the monotony of being the only pupil.... I guess for him, being being consistently in the TOP 10 is easy! ;)
We are so very excited about the news of my sisters coming to visit us with their families - from Zimbabwe and Austraila! At the end of November and early December, we will all be together again - with the 8 children / cousins being able to spend some quality time together. We are all so looking forward to it!
Blessings to you!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

...... no title

Schools are back in full swing now, and during the 10 day break, Micaela and JohnD had the opportunity to go to the Jame's home up in the Soutpansberg Mountain for a three day "horse camp". They had a BALL! Came home absolutely exhausted, filthy, happy, and very stiff!  Will hopefully get some more photos from them soon, to share.  They not only spent lots of time riding, but also swam, climbed, and just got worn out! ;)
I found this picture online... it was a formal we went to for the Air Force 90th Birthday celebration two years ago.... we so seldom get dressed up, so thought it would be fun to share!
It's pretty cold here today, windy and overcast.... we are praying desperately for more rain.
Big hugs to you all!