Friday, July 29, 2011

Team work makes the Dream work...

Oh - YES ... You guessed it! :) The kids have moved up to the starting blocks. We had a slight overlap with guests, and the last hunting day for the Brantley sons had DUIKER AND JACKAL high on their list. Kiffin had shot a Duiker already, but James had not, so the heat was on. With FW and Will Parker having arrived, Ken started hunting with them and we allocated the jobs of driving and guiding to Micaela and JohnD respectively...
How I wish with all my heart I had a picture of all of them up on the Cruiser, heading out in the early morning. Their smiles were bigger than the vehicle they were piled onto. JohnD had borrowed my Binoculars (or should I say yours Rick!!!). Micaela was armed with her book and lucky feather. The morning hunt left them completely frustrated, as they saw every female duiker on the property, but the males just eluded them... So at lunch a new game plan was hatched. James was going to hunt himself a female Duiker, and then between the brothers, they would have a His / Her matching pair. I guess word got out, as by night fall - their mission was successful, and James was the proud owner of a Duiker RAM!!! Who says that psychology does not work in the bush? I know that both Micaela and JohnD worked hard for their trophy, and they will never forget the experience. The sunburnt faces, smiles, laughter and excitement of recounting the story, will long be remembered and retold! So the Brantley family have returned home, and our children have grown up overnight, and made us so proud of them! Well done dream team! ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Falling Star?

It is really a joy to have David, Janell, James and Kiffen here - never a dull moment. ;) We had supper at Mucha last night, and there was a falling star that absolutely lit the night sky like nothing I have ever seen before. We ALL saw it, and the trail remained visible for ages! Did anyone else see it?

The young hunters have certainly been successful, with yesterday in particular, being a busy day. Big smiles on everyone's face around the fire.

The kids only have a week left of holidays, and then it's back to the normal routine. I must say, the child in me will never be 'happy' with the return of the school days... ;) JohnD had the joy of camping out on the Limpopo with some friends of his for two nights. He came home exhausted, but full of stories. Micaela also had the joy of visiting a friend for a few days (also along the Limpopo too !!) The house is quite a different place when there is only one child home!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Midwinterchills brrrr

Overcast, windy and a tad damp... even our very mild winter sun has gone indoors to keep warm. Thank you LORD for my coat!!! ;)
The children are on holiday from school for three weeks... oh boy do I love the joy of waking up WITHOUT the alarm. Don't you?
The table tennis table has been repaired and put on my front stoep, and I have a birds eye view of the continuing sibling rivalry that plays out. JohnD whips Micaela's but quite consistantly, which is great for him as with her so tall, she usually gets the better of him in most of their other combats!
With a few days break, I'm slowly catching up on my Admin, bookwork, and other office arrears!
Hope all of our USA family and friends had a great 4th of July weekend.
Big hugs to you all, and we are so looking forward to the return of David and Janell Brantley next week, with their sons!