Tuesday, August 14, 2012

July family fun!

Keeping up to date is way easier, when done often... I desperately want to fill you in on all of the details, but now that it is all so long ago... my rusty memory is not playing "ball" with me! :(  So I guess headlines will have to work ...
It was wonderful to welcome the Harris Family back - Gerold & Pat - but this time they brought two of their children, with spouses and 7 grandchildren on a whirlwind adventure! They started in Thornybush, then went into Kruger, did quite a bit of hunting here, moved up to Vic Falls, and then headed down to Cape Town.  I can only guess at the total photo count between all of the cameras and all of the people! We had an 11th birthday in the mix too, very successful young hunters, plus happy faces around each table.  What a joy to see a family so alive and so well connected!  Well done Gerold and Pat! My hat is still off to you, and to your special family.
Followed close on their heals, we had the Hendrix family - another return home coming for us, which was just as special!  We just adored all of our time together, and it is always sad to say goodbye...  David got his heart's desire - prized Gemsbuck - "and then some" bagging some really special trophies.  We look forward to your return again next year.
With the wealth of medical information we could glean having Grady and Marilyn here during our very sad ordeal with our "Gravitas" - (our herd bull which we lost), we were so grateful for their insight and knowledge.  Thank you so much!  For it ALL! 
It was then our privilege to have the Van Doorn family here again for the long weekend, and so special to reconnect with friends and fellow hunters...  time always seems too short, and yet so full!
We now have a full house again, with my parents here, and my sister and her family from Zimbabwe. I so miss having Micaela here, as with her away at boarding school - it just doesn't feel right! :(  But we are so grateful to have this time together, and recharge the family "cement" and "glue" that makes us who we are.  My sister in Australia and her family are being sorely missed!!!  We are so very blessed to have everyone well, healthy and strong.  We are so grateful to our Father, for His hand over our lives, and His provision.

Yes, I'm behind in my office work! Yes, I'm behind in my crossfit! Yes, I'm behind in many things, but I'm FAR AHEAD in a heart full of gratitude... ;)
Be blessed!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Riding the Roller Coaster!

I guess in Disney, you can choose to ride, or not... but it seems that this rollercoaster ride was one that caught all of us up, and we are still on the tail spin now.... just getting off I guess!
Very sadly for us, we have lost our beloved LEB Nguni Bull to a broken back. We bought him in May, 2010, and he has been a busy bull - siring some magnificient calves for us.  We do not know how it happened, and we do not understand... but we are very sad... he was a magnificient animal, and we will sorely miss him in the herd.

Lots more news of July, but for now, this is all I can write or think about.
Will try write more again soon.
Love us xxx