Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May Magic ...

Oh yes!  It is a lovely time of year. Our winter calves have been coming with one and two born a day for a few weeks now. They are just so very cute, and with lots of little heifer calves so far, I have a happy farmer!
We LOVED having Sayle Lewis and Stuart Crawely with us from the South. We have been having SD card problems and my photos seem to slip into an unknown zone so I can't even share a picture with you! I have re-formatted it, and hopefully we won't get that error again.
Dad and Mom celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary today.  What an incredible blessing and a Godly Heritage they have given to us! May there be many more.
They are both well, keeping busy, and we are so proud of them both.  During last week, Mom played in her very first All Day Bridge "tournament" (I don't know what to call it!) and she WON!  We had all prayed for her, and she didn't only win, she had probably the highest score ever. We were all tickled PINK! 
We have a huge monster like machine working here at the moment, clearing our boundary lines of encroached bush. It's quite something so see how much bush it can clear.  There is going to be A LOT of work ahead of Ken, but this will certainly make a huge difference to his slashing every year, and it will improve our property fire breaks.
On Sunday, it dumped a huge Naboom (Euphorbia) onto the fence line by accident, and so our staff have been learning under pressure, how to repair broken fences!
The kids hockey season is coming to a close, with only a few more games ahead of them.  They have both done well, and love it!  John-D has been so helpful with some of the South African hunters that we have had this past month, and has earned himself a little extra pocket money.  Micaela had Entrepreneur's week at school last week, and she together with her friend also made themselves some nice pocket money selling ice creams!
Well, the impala are in RUT, the warm sunshine is so welcome during the day as the nights are now so very chilly! The grass has turned golden and the brilliant green of summer has faded.
We are looking forward to the Perkins arriving with us for their photo safari on Sunday.
We hope you have had a happy MAY!