Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Last Post... 2014

We have spent the whole day working the cattle.... January 1 is the next breeding season, so we had to have all of the cows that have calved and heifers injected, and separated, ready for their next three months with the bulls.
We are all totally bushed!  We came home late, filthy, and tired... but at least we know that it is behind us.  With so few staff members on duty this time of the year, it's all hands on deck!
We wish you all a very blessed and happy 2014.  May your barns and vats be filled, may your home ring with laughter, and may the peace of Jesus abide with you!
We send our love from Africa
 Well our Scallywags shot her first animal. Guided by JohnD, she made a very good one-shot-kill on this management Impala Ram.
Micaela's big smile! She made a great shot, and was very excited!
"Lady Lou"
And "Camo"!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

A very Happy Christmas to you all, near and far. As the whole world slows down and the year winds down, this time is always one for reflection... As we look back on the Faithfulness of our Heavenly Father, we CELEBRATE not only HIS ETERNAL GIFT OF RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM, we can also celebrate our own personal relationships!  We certainly are blessed with so may precious and treasured family and friends - right across the world. Each one of you is precious to us, and we value your place in our lives. THANK YOU!  May the year ahead be one of breakthrough and joy! May your lives Glorify Him always! We love you.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Wow. We stand with our entire Nation - and can only say a huge big THANK YOU FATHER, for the blessing and legacy that we have all come to enjoy, though Nelson Mandela's unselfish life. We know that ONE PERSON truly can make a difference. We also know that a life dedicated to Christ, can be extraordinary, and change nations!