Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sizzling September :D

I think I'm still too skeptical to actually pack away all of the winter woolies, but if this lovely warm weather continues, I just might be tempted!

We were blessed with a successful buffalo hunt with the return of David Jackson and his hunting buddie Joe Trapanese - much laughter and lots of fun... and LOTS of hunting too. It was very special to have Nicol, Karia and Jean back with us for this hunt too! Just like old times.

Blair & Lisa closed our season, and my what a special way to close... he brought with him a very unique and antique H&H Double: 35 WCF. We seldom see such pieces actually working, so it was a rare moment for us all.

Champ has continued true to his name, and is consistantly the hero at the end of each day.

On the home front, we are preparing to enroll Micaela into a local high school from next year, so there has been much energy spent in researching schools, and the different options open to us. We have selected Merensky High School, which was where Ken spent four very happy years. Needless to say, much will be changing for us next year.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Warming up :) "SPRING"

So what happened in August? We had the tail end of the Parker's visit, the Kwast family, Jim & Terry Beach, and the arrival of David Jackson, & Joe Trapenese... shew. That's a lot of hunting! David and Joe are with us now, and we are so enjoying all of the laughter! David hunted with us last year with his son Jeremy, and has come back this year to bag a Cape Buffalo. They had a successful hunt, and are now after all of the critters who eluded him last year! They had the unbelievable fortune of having a Cheetah make a kill right inside their camp down in Hoedspruit, during their buffalo hunt... WOW!
Michael, Quincy, Jacob and Julia from Michigan were such a pleasure to have, and the kids just HAD A BALL! Jacob enjoyed HUNTING with his folks - every waking moment and many 'sleepy' moments too! ;^) Both of the kids made excellent shots, and were a pleasure to hunt with!
Jim & Terry had a full bag hunt, and have fallen in love with Africa too - what a privilege to introduce hunters to Africa. Terry bagged her very first animal ever, making a perfect shot on an impala. Jim shot really well too, making one shot kills on all nine of his trophies!
:D Champ has been unbelievable - and has arisen as the real Champion. There is just nothing to say, other than he LOVES to hunt / LIVES to hunt. What a pleasure. He has now started getting more actively involved in the hunt... and when he feels that there is not too much success on the part of the hunters, he has on several occassions gone off and rounded up the desired quarry, and brought them into shooting range!!!!!!!
On the home front, it's warmed up a lot, and despite our experience of many years, we are all hanging back on the temptation to pack up the winter woolies, and unpack the summer cozzies.... what a pleasure to charge up on our vitamin D again, and enjoy the warmth and heat of the sun... The veld is really dry now, and dusty in many places... by about 11am - it's pretty warm out!
We are nearing the last quarter of Micaela's grade 7 year, and she would dearly like to attend a regular high school for her high school career. We are in the process of researching / looking / visiting & deciding on the various options available to us, and looking to many changes ahead in 2012. There are many factors to weigh up and consider.
I have finally managed to transfer all of my pictures on to a 2Terabite external hard drive, so my computer is a little less 'loaded', and hopefully many of my functions will be restored!!!!!
Big hugs to you all from this dry, warm and very happy place in the bush!