Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brilliant Bush Bulletin!!!!!!

Ken and Micaela took a drive this afternoon. Ken was up one the kopjie (Fort Biff) and Micaela was sitting on the ball valve at the waterhole. The herd of buffalo came in to drink, and she very quickly got onto the truck. She saw first hand our newest little baby buffalo, whom she named "Merensky". This little lady did a wee in front of Micaela so we KNOW she is a girl!!!
Micaela came home from bording school again this weekend and she is just as happy as can be. She loves her new school and is adjusting well. THANK YOU LORD!
We leave for the USA on Saturday night, so just a few short days left. LOADS to get done, but we are all getting excited. The children will be joining us in the USA this year. We will spend our time in Charleston and Atlanta.
Biz is getting married the weekend before SEWE, so we can't wait to celebrate with the Ford family! - - - In haste! Love Jo xxx

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Merensky High School

Well, today finally came. Micaela is at school... we will see her again on Friday. She had great fun unpacking her trunk, and getting settled. She and Carissa both appeared to be very excited!

In this picture : Alex Godrich, (also a previous Home Schooler), Micaela and Carissa Ivy. :) She also knows two others (Duane Drosky and Shawn), so does not feel lonely at all.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Open Doors and saying goodbye

Micaela's beloved Sir Prize... loaded like a dream. His very first ride in a horse box, and Cruiser and Blue Jeans are with him. I was so amazed... Ken met Bro. Douglas at one of the cattle auctions, and M started emailing him about the three horses some time back. He breeds endurance horses, and was interested in Blue Jeans, as a breeding mare... He came with his PA whose son is also going to Merensky next week, so the two kids had LOTS to talk about...

Here, she saddled Rocky for her last ride.... our very dear friends, the Spies family, want him! Her best friend's (Bianca) Father, (Hannes) came and rode him... and came back today to collect him.

When I started praying for a horse for Micaela, this horse was the answer to all of what I wanted for her. As much as my heart aches... I know that he is going to be ridden, well loved, and be able to play polox again - which he loves! He has so much go in him... and is just too much of a handful for me! With her going away, she is actually relieved that all of them have gone to places where they will be well loved, and ridden.

So her trunk is packed... her uniform and all of her things have her name sewed on, and she is ready! Tuesday must just PLEASE COME QUICKLY for her... Her dorm buddie has been picked, and we head to Merensky Tuesday. They start school on Wednesday.

Hannes came this morning to load Rocky, so it has been a busy morning.

He loaded so easily. :)

And of course Micaela is delighted that she will be able to see him when she visits Bianca!

Smile for the camera Rocky!!!

If she wants horses again when she finishes with boarding school, then we will look at getting more for her... but I just don't have the same passion for them as she does, and I am too scared of falling (at my age!) off such a large and strong horse!

We head to the States for the month of Feb as a family, so I have much to get done! This computer and my desk feels like it has me trapped in it's clutches. To all of you reading, in the Charleston and Atlanta area, we just can't wait to see you again! We will be in Charleston for Biz's wedding on the 11th Feb, (Micaela has been asked to be an Honorary Bride's Maid) and will be there the week between it and SEWE. Our booth will be at the Sporting Village at the Brittle Bank Park like usual. Please come and see us all! It will be the kids first trip with us. I know we are all looking forward to it.

We are so sad that we will not get up to the Michigan area like we have done for so many years... so please forgive us? We will look forward to hearing your news, and will definitely try to be back there in 2013! The SCI dinner dates clashed with the Wedding date sadly.

I have not got around to sending out personal emails yet, and hope to do that soon. Big hugs to you. From a very dry and dusty part of SA...

ps - we had a fire on Tuesday!!! The kids both helped fight it, as did many of our neighbours. Phew! That was very unexpected and not nice. We were all quite stiff for a while!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012! :)

Jo, Ken, Bren, Roxy, Robs, JohnD, Boris, Ella, Micaela, Susie, Al - Family Christmas. :)

The Zartmann family, the night before they left. :(

Mom, Derek, Dad, Al, Ken, Boris, Jen, Bren, Robs & Susie...

Swimming in the Tzaneen Dam with Wighardt & Saartjie :)

Boating!!! :) Rachel & Micaela out camping! :0

First chance JD had with a fishing rod in some time... but not much time. He made the most of it!

Micaela milking our Foster mommy - boy is the taste so different!

JohnD and his Lady Lulu!

Christmas day - Me above, and Derek & Ken below...

It's a very lazy, sunny, Sunday afternoon - the old has gone and the new has come! It appears that far fewer folks are sending text, email, snailmail, whatsapp, bbm, or any other kind of festive greetings. ??? Or is it only me??? Maybe the year snuck up on all of us too quickly? Whatever the reason, we know that we have a Faithful and Loving Father, who holds yesterday, today & tomorrow in Hands, and we hope that your today & tomorrow are full of His love, His light, His presence, and His passion.

We have a New Year function at the lodge now... the kids have taken themselves off with their friends, and are swimming at Mucha. Oh the joys of their independence, and motivation! They grow so fast. It seems like just yesterday, we were camping the new year in... and as much as we tried to keep that tradition, the summer rains always thwarted our efforts!

This year we celebrated New Year - a family dinner down the road, and reflected on the wonderful highlights of 2011. Yes, God is faithful, and present with HIS presence in all we have and do.
We have yet another year of good health for all of us.
We have two wonderful children, who are growing up so quickly, and who bring us much delight.
We are surrounded by special friends and family, who add so much value to our lives.
We have an international family too, that continually surprise us with heart smiles and true connections that add eternal value.

We have had a good year with our business, the game & ranch continues to meet our needs.

We have a growing and beautiful Nguni Herd, that brings us much delight - and we are all learning so much.

We have enjoyed the protection of our Father, and are aware of His Goodness and Faithfulness daily.

We are excited about 2012, and look forward to walking each day in the knowledge that we can enjoy each and every gift... celebrating LIFE.

Hope you enjoyed the pics xxx very fond love to you all, and make the most of it! You only have one life to live... enjoy it all. Blessings! The Ball Family