Saturday, July 13, 2013

Volunteer farm work

David Hendrix is visiting with us for his summer, between his graduation from High School, and starting his studies.  He hunted with us last year, with his family from Charleston, and two years prior to that too. It is such a joy having him here, and he is like a son in our home.  Marilyn and Grady, you have much to be proud of!  He has been doing quite a lot of hunting, with the various groups of local hunters that we have had over the past number of weekends.   He has got to know the farm very quickly, and it is great to have an extra pair of willing and able hands around.
I really should have a photo of David hard at work in the cattle craal, but I don't have one! I do have this one.... he has systematically THRASHED JohnD, Micaela AND Kenneth at Speed... he has obviously had many more hours playing this game than all of us combined.  Micaela had some fun doing his hair, while he was engaged in battle with JohnD. It appears that once you start a race, little will take your attention away from the goal of winning!

Photo Shoot in the bush!

Micaela and two of her girl friends had some fun this school holiday taking photos here in the bush. I was designated the photographer, and I have to admit I was quite tickled with some of the pictures!
This is Micaela and Alicia Prinsloo - a friend of hers from Merensky. They are in the same grade, they are both in the Agri Merensky Club together, and are busy doing this year's Tritech project together. Alicia visited us for a week, and she was an absolutely delightful young lady to have in our home. The taught us how to make "tamalekies".... a very sticky boiled toffee like sweet that is quite moreish, and will certainly remove any loose fillings you may have!

 This is Micaela with Bianca Spies. They have been friends since they were both in Kindergarden, and she is like a second daughter to me. Just adore her!
 In the Cattle Craal....
 The Reservoir.....

 Playing on the railway line and also on the windmill behind our home!
 Talk about a lot of energy....  I don't know who was more tired... them or me!

Tragedy again...

We very sadly lost our beloved little Snippy to a very tragic accident. She was run over in the middle of June, and we can not even begin to tell you how much we have cried for her. Ken still finds himself looking for her in the bush, when he is with the cattle, and especially first thing in the morning when she would always wake us up with her little noisy yawn.  We have never in 21 years of marriage, had a little dog, that crept into our hearts and home like she did. She lived life to the full, and was one very lucky little lady, to have been Ken's dog.  We had her for a year, and she "cottoned onto the hunting" quicker than any dog we have had.  She adored Ken with more passion than me, and I would often wonder if she thought she was his first love!
We are grateful she did not suffer at all, but was killed instantly. 
Not even four days after the accident, David (Ken's cousin from Johannesburg) completely blew us away, and blessed us with this tiny little bundle of love. We have called him CAMO. He is a wire haired terrier, and  he is Ken's new little "hunting dog"... although it will be a while before he does any hunting!  He is growing so fast! He is an extremely clever little fella, and he has all of us COMPLETELY IN LOVE!  He is like a cuddly little teddy (with sharp teeth), and he is so full of character.  We can't wait to get to know him more.  He has started getting to know all of the cats.  I believe that they (the cats) are very relieved that Snippy has gone. She terrorized them mercilessly!  Camo has got stuck under the fridge in my kitchen twice already, and he just LOVES to sleep curled up on my shoulder under my hair. It reminds me of our little mongoose.
He has finally figured out how to climb down our front veranda stairs, and he gets so excited when he makes it all by himself!  He really is my shadow at the moment, as Ken is out all day, so I have been enjoying the adoration of another little one, to keep me out of mischief totally!  He has not made the long walk to the lodge just yet, we are wanting him to get quite a bit bigger before he starts venturing out.
 Yes, We have yet another long haired dog... between him and Lady, I believe I will become quite a pro at "doggy parlor days"!  I watched him today trying to take a burr out of his foot... well he succeeded, but it then got stuck under his chin!