Sunday, May 30, 2010

Winter has arrived

It's out with the mink again... shew it's cold. We had rain again last night...
Doug Bigge still managed to get his wildebeest yesterday and his zebra today - so at least the cold weather has not affected the hunting. He and his father will head home to KS on Tuesday.
We have Charlie and Virgina Ipock here on their honeymoon - from SC. :)
The kids have been working really hard this last term with Kobie. They had a field trip on Friday, where they went to the local news paper / radio station where they broadcast. They also got to spend some time in a Learning Centre too, which was a first for them.
Twitter - sadly - has not been seen for about five days now. No sign of feathers either, so I really don't think that the cats got him. I wonder if it may have been a hawk. I just can't imagine that he wouldn't come in to say hello anymore. I've called and called - but there really is no sign of him anywhere. :(
Dad celebrated his 72nd birthday yesterday, and we enjoyed a lovely lunch with Mom and Dad. They celebrated their wedding anniversary this week too!
Not much more news this side!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Growing Herd...

Can you believe it! On Saturday we purchased a herd of Nguni cattle at the sale in Polokwane.
17 heifers and 1 bull. On Monday, one little bull was born, and a 2nd bull was born yesterday!!! Two very cute little babies!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Note worthy news...

Okay - so it's been over a month! I'm sorry. You have no idea how much work goes into keeping everything ticking when some staff members are off sick... My poor Esther was home for a month. I have been burning the candle at both ends. Quite literally - with so many power cuts, it's always off the same time as when I have time in the office!!! :( Beginning of April saw our hunting season start... with a very big bang... Thank GOD ABOVE that Buffalo Bill has finally met his maker. You have no idea how much relief floods each and every one of us - every time we cross over that grid. He went out with a big charge, and after much excitement (and a few shots of schnapps for the German hunter) - it was all over!
All of us were on site after the dust had settled, and Micaela asked Ken if he was quite sure it was dead, before she was willing to pose behind it!!! Even little Jean was there...We had our first German volunteer with us for three weeks - what a delightful treat for us. JUTTA COME BACK!!! We miss you so much. She did an absolutely amazing job painting the lodge kitchen for me, and sanding some of my wooden doors. She makes the most awesome Milk Tart & home made Chocolate Sauce! I really don't think that there is anything that she cannot do! I feel like my right arm is missing...As of beginning May, the children have started full time with Kobie - their tutor. Mom (Carol) is going to continue with three of their subjects, and Kobie will do the rest, giving both Carol and me, MUCH more time. We had a lot of elbow grease and time go into clearing out / cleaning up and "re-decorating" Dad's old workshop at Silverbank as a school room for them. Micaela knuckled down and helped Grandma with sewing, for some patchwork pillows. It is such a happy place, and their first week seems to be going well! Will have to take a pic and post it too.Beginning of April, we were delighted to have Mark and Gayle join us again from Grand Rapids. Their third safari with us - just fun hunting for management game. Despite the heavy rains, and wet conditions - they got quite a bit of shooting in.David & Jerimie Jackson from Charleston were next - with 10 days of management / trophy hunting as a second to all of the practical jokes and mischief that can be imagined! What a fun hunt!What a joy to have Terry & JoAnn Blauwkamp from Hudsonville MI back again this year for their 5th safari with us - also managment hunting ... boy did the rain & power cuts test everyones deadication!
We have Ken Ellegood & Vic Lyzack with us at the moment... you have no idea how jealous I am. They saw leopard two days ago at Supia (one of the spots in the bush)!!! Of course they DIDN'T get a photo!
We are pretty full for May, and have the Wise family joining us next, followed by Phyllis & Deb... then the Crossland family, the Bigg family, and then newlyweds - Charles & Virginia.
On health - we are all doing well. Carol is going to be 70 this year :) she is well, and such a blessing! Dennis has been amazing with helping with the staff on the farm, and getting things lined up for the introduction of an Nguni herd onto the eastern side of the property in the near future. Ken is well too - keeping busy between guests / hunting / staff / office... :) I'm still loving little Twitter - he is just amazing. He was caught by the cats twice, and rescued / survived both times. We hope his is wise to them now! He is let out of his cage in the early morning, and he comes in quite often during the day, to say hi, get some treats, and enjoy a little cuddle. He usually comes in at dusk, and gets his last treats for the day, and then gets put to bed!
Micaela and JohnD are both well. Enjoying the farm, the horses, the DVD's that Uncle Terry and Aunty Jo bought!!! ;) Both horses are really well!JohnD got another Impala the other day! :) He made another good shot. His hair is coming back quite dark!!! He wants to keep it short, so he had his first haircut the other day.
Big hugs to you all from this wet, green, lush, chilly and amazingly beautiful part of Africa!