Saturday, January 9, 2010

New year kick off...

PHEW! Just back from Pretoria again. One to go! :) All well so far. PTL. He'll have chemo 28th Jan, then CT scan 28th Feb (approx), and then full assessment... and from there we take it one step at a time.
No international travel for about a year for him. :( At least he doesn't have to have all of his immunizations again (like I originally thought!). He is well.

The group who left on Thursday were so much fun! The Goldfinch family / friends were here for ten days and shot amazingly well. We have Michael and Randi with us at the moment, (also from Charleston)... on a photos safari.

Ken, Dad, Micaela and JohnD went fishing today. I hope they catch!
Big hugs, and lots of love,

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