Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby bird...

On Saturday, we went to Hoedspruit for Karia's baby shower. It was a lovely day, and they got some lovely gifts! As the camera was with Ken, I don't have any pics to share with you! :( Ken and JohnD had planned to go fishing with Nicol and friends of his, and they actually had a good day, catching lots!
Just before we came home, while the kids were playing in the garden, JohnD found a baby bird that had fallen from it's nest! So we brought it home, and he is enjoying the challenge of raising this little "bottergat". Both of the kids keep calling it Tweety! It certainly has a good appetite, and is easy to feed! He has wanted his own bird for a long time.
Ken and I will be leaving for the USA on the 9th of Feb. I don't know if I will get a chance to update this again before we get home. I will be away a week, and he will be away two and a half weeks. He will be in Charleston at SEWE, then up in Boise, and accross in Portland too, for a day.
I will will only be going to Grand Rapids for five days, and then returning home.
Love us all xxx

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  1. We can not wait to see you! Travel safely! Much love you all of you!

    ~Pat, Leatha, and Brielle Martin