Monday, March 15, 2010

Jean Bordeaux Martin!

O, I’m pretty sure Joanne already started spreading the good news around but here it is from our side as well.
Karia and myself were blessed with a beautiful baby boy on Wednesday the 10th of March. He’s name is Jean Bordeaux (my dad’s names) and we will call him Jean. He weighed 2.975kg and was 50cm long at birth. Actually smaller than the biggest bass I ever caught!
Karia and Jean are both fine and we arrived home just a while ago. As I write these lines he is sleeping on my lap. More beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen or rather just as beautiful as his mom and much, much, much more beautiful than the best made English doubles.
I’m quite proud of myself as well, I was with for the entire birth and even cut the umbilical cord, and I’ve changed nappies. Now most of you might have heard the story about myself fainting when we help with the ‘surgery’ on one of our trackers fingers. So I’m pretty chuffed!

An older gentleman asked me if I feel like I’m the first guy ever to become a dad and I have to say yes I do. I am a VERY proud husband and a very proud dad.
Jean (snr), Marita and Karia with Jean!
Anyway. That’s all from me for now. I can’t send pictures but Jo will get pictures soon enough and when that happens she’ll put them on the Shi awela blog. Otherwise you’ll just have to come and visit him at Shi awela.

This is Nicol's sister - Isabel, with Jean.

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