Sunday, May 30, 2010

Winter has arrived

It's out with the mink again... shew it's cold. We had rain again last night...
Doug Bigge still managed to get his wildebeest yesterday and his zebra today - so at least the cold weather has not affected the hunting. He and his father will head home to KS on Tuesday.
We have Charlie and Virgina Ipock here on their honeymoon - from SC. :)
The kids have been working really hard this last term with Kobie. They had a field trip on Friday, where they went to the local news paper / radio station where they broadcast. They also got to spend some time in a Learning Centre too, which was a first for them.
Twitter - sadly - has not been seen for about five days now. No sign of feathers either, so I really don't think that the cats got him. I wonder if it may have been a hawk. I just can't imagine that he wouldn't come in to say hello anymore. I've called and called - but there really is no sign of him anywhere. :(
Dad celebrated his 72nd birthday yesterday, and we enjoyed a lovely lunch with Mom and Dad. They celebrated their wedding anniversary this week too!
Not much more news this side!

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