Thursday, July 15, 2010

This and that...

How is it that time just seeps away from me, every day... and no matter how good my intentions are to record all of the important little things; they simply are not enough? Just a few pics to share with you all...
Ziggy (a young mare) is still great friends with Jasmine & Chloe. She is in the background.
Ken's been really busy building a crawl for the cattle. We now have 5 BEAUTIFUL Nguni Calves, and the "nursery" is at Dad and Mom's (Silverbank).
Matt Fulmer is here with us from SC, and he has joined us for a month. It's been great having him here, and he was fortunate to experience first hand the capture that was on the go the full first week he was here! He has had some close encounters with the buffalo too!!!
Micaela and Kyra riding.
Can you believe this ICE!!! Yes... waterholes frozen. None of us were particularly excited... we just shivered and stayed inside!
We got some painting done on my stoep and passage! We have also started the major job of re-painting the lodge. Oh boy is that a big job.
The kids thoroughly enjoyed Derek, Jen, Karin, Michael & Kyra's visit last month!
Guess who made friends with the pilot? The cold spell really dried out the veldt overnight!
How low CAN you go? !
Stripes (a young stallion) who is blind, has adopted the Nguni heard, and stays pretty close to the crawl. He paces in circles, if he senses anyone approaching... we guess a snake got him last year.
Phat Tire is doing well, and LOVES all of the children's attention. The donkeys are doing well, Zoe still has not had her foal. She seriously looks like she is going to pop any day now. Poor little thing!

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