Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Filling experience

touchy subject i know, but i'm new to this. i chipped my back molar and had to have the tooth filled. oh man oh man oh man... there is NO FEELING LIKE a dead mouth. i eventually decided to just not talk, and keep my teeth together. (very hard for me you know!) for all of you folks out there who have had injections in your gums for various reasons - you have my sympathy. :( that was my very first time, and i hope to never have that experience again. it sucks.

yes my beautiful, amazing, strong, noisy, and very cute little friend is still alive. the longer he / she remains nameless, the harder it is to all agree on the best name! his feedings now stretch to about one and a half hours, and sometimes at night he will even go two hours between feeds! ;)happy me!

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