Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mongoose CPR

Yup - you read right! On Friday during his usual feeding (he still drinks from the syringe with a small rubber teat fitted to the end - about 4 mls at a time) he somehow managed to choke! I got such a fright, and really thought I was going to loose him. He was very evidently not able to breathe, and his little body was completely stretched out and clawing for air. I prayed like crazy for him, pumped his little chest several times, and blew into his mouth three times before he started to breathe again, and move normally. I was so sure that he wasn't going to make it. What a fright! For the rest of the day, he didn't eat at all, and didn't want to play either. I felt so terrible! Thank goodness the next day he was fine, and eating like normal.
He is extremely playful, and moves at lightening speed. I don't think that he even has a 'walking' speed really! He is now eating grasshoppers, and the odd other insect. He is not that familiar yet at catching them for himself, unless their jumping legs have been removed, but it won't be long and he will have that figured out! He is very clever, and has figured out how to climb out of his little 'home'. His range of sounds and noises is growing every day, and we already know his happy, hungry, tired, thirsty, playful and 'need to wee!' sounds. It's quite crazy to think that someone so small can have such a huge impact on our lives. :)


  1. what's a humping leg? huh jo? i think you meant "jumping"...hahahahah

    love you

  2. that was a BAD typo!!! thx Biz! ;) lv u 2! Jx