Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mom is home!

We are so thankful... After a successful hip replacement operation last Monday (21st Feb), Mom and Dad arrived home yesterday afternoon. We missed them so much, and are so grateful that it all went well. It was a very tough time for them both, particularly Mom. We value your continued prayers for them both, and thank you for all of the calls and smses!
Here are a few pictures of little Gustav.... Or should I say Goosley.... (We are beginning to think that 'he' may in actual fact be a 'she', but we are not 100% sure!) We are slowly introducing Champ and Lady to her. The speed with which she moves has them quite uncertain about her, but "so far so good"!
Curled up asleep on my lap. Playing 'hide & seek' first thing in the morning while Micaela is trying to do her school work!

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