Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun and Games!

Well Sir, (to use the Southern term) I don't know how much more challenging of my PH we could all take! Yes, my Professional Hunter / Personal Hero / Perfect Husband was severly challenged by Will Parker. I know he and his Dad came here to hunt, but during some of the quieter moments - the table tennis table on the verhandah here in front of the office, was the scene of some serious battles. Needless to say, Ken naturally (because he has always been so accommodating) allowed our young guest to taste the joy of victory "occasionally", just to keep him coming back for more. ;)
We all had a lot of fun, both hunting and with all of the games. JohnD & Micaela's table tennis improved in leaps and bounds.
The Parkers were followed by the Kwast family from Michigan - and the fun and games just continued. With Jacob and Julia closer in age to Micaela and JohnD, there was much hilarity and giggles around every meal time. The Kwast children both bagged lovely trophies, as did Mike and Quincy. Some of the hunting challenges were faced head on, and despite many hours put in... the score remained Caracal:6 - Hunting party:0! At least there will always be another reason to return as long as the elusive smaller critters keep winning!!
With Jim and Terry's arrival - some cold / wet / windy weather moved in for a few days, but it has not dampened the successes or the fun.
C'mon Summer c'mon!!!
We have had another three lovely little calves - and another is due any day now. Our "Champion" has been tremendous this season, and seems to get better and more amazing with each safari. He's earned himself some serious hunting credits, and for a "rescue dog" - we couldn't be more chuffed with him! Well done CHAMP!
Big hugs to you all, from this dry and dusty part of chilly South Africa xxx

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