Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sizzling September :D

I think I'm still too skeptical to actually pack away all of the winter woolies, but if this lovely warm weather continues, I just might be tempted!

We were blessed with a successful buffalo hunt with the return of David Jackson and his hunting buddie Joe Trapanese - much laughter and lots of fun... and LOTS of hunting too. It was very special to have Nicol, Karia and Jean back with us for this hunt too! Just like old times.

Blair & Lisa closed our season, and my what a special way to close... he brought with him a very unique and antique H&H Double: 35 WCF. We seldom see such pieces actually working, so it was a rare moment for us all.

Champ has continued true to his name, and is consistantly the hero at the end of each day.

On the home front, we are preparing to enroll Micaela into a local high school from next year, so there has been much energy spent in researching schools, and the different options open to us. We have selected Merensky High School, which was where Ken spent four very happy years. Needless to say, much will be changing for us next year.

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