Friday, March 9, 2012

Another new BABY :) & Internet agony >(

Yes, a tiny little fury 4 legged creature is curled up sleeping close to my heart! We have a baby squirrel. Looks like a little male. He fell from his nest, and was completely COLD when I got him. So - it's two nights along, and he is doing great! Eyes open, and drinking well. I think he is about three weeks old already.
On a very frustrating / sad / infurating note - my 17 year old email account has been compromised. In the last week, I've been bombarded with over 2000 undelivered messages. I have sadly had to delete the mweb email account, and have opened a new one. It is effective immediately. Please update your records! My new email address for ALL correspondence is
I have yet to copy my address book accross and send you all an update, but I will try to get to this. I have so many critical email messages that need to be sent out and I am physically unable to get to them all immediately. Please bare with me. If you are waiting to hear from me with your itinerary and contract, please send me an email to my new address, as I can then reply to your message and it will automatically add you to my address book.
I look forward to hearing from you... and so sorry for any inconvenience to you about this problem.

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