Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Schools are back in full swing now, and during the 10 day break, Micaela and JohnD had the opportunity to go to the Jame's home up in the Soutpansberg Mountain for a three day "horse camp". They had a BALL! Came home absolutely exhausted, filthy, happy, and very stiff!  Will hopefully get some more photos from them soon, to share.  They not only spent lots of time riding, but also swam, climbed, and just got worn out! ;)
I found this picture online... it was a formal we went to for the Air Force 90th Birthday celebration two years ago.... we so seldom get dressed up, so thought it would be fun to share!
It's pretty cold here today, windy and overcast.... we are praying desperately for more rain.
Big hugs to you all!

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