Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rain! Baby Buffalo, Bullfrogs & Snippy's Pups!!

I sure hope that this splurge of photos will go a long way to cover the silence! ;)  We certainly had a quiet December, after Christmas and everyone had left.  We are now full steam ahead with preparations for our upcoming trip to the USA.... I will post the itinerary schedule separately. Hugs to you all!
Little Bull Calf

Hartebeest babies!

Snippy's two little male pups... eyes just opened!

Bullfrog paradise! The pan at "lovers rock" is full, and the expolsion of life is overwhelming!

Bullfrogs have come out in the hundreds to mate.

JohnD managed to catch one!

Snippy just could not help herself! She had a ball!
This is our little heifer :)

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