Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fast Forward...

We spent a two days in Pretoria last week, and are delighted to report that Johnathan's annual visit to the Little Company of Mary Hospital, and his beloved Dr. Lourence De Jager, was joyous and positive.  His x-rays and blood tests all continue to testify to the goodness and faithfulness of our amazing Lord!
There is no sign of any long term damage to his organs from the Chemo, as all of
the function tests are 100%.  His "growth and flourishing" has him approximately 25% above average height, (thanks for those wonderful tall genes Dad!) and average weight on the growth charts.  God is FAITHFUL.
So what do we talk about now? The weather???  Well, with such beautiful sunny, and crystal clear days, I can't not comment on the weather!  April is truly beautiful!  While we were in Pretoria we were so blessed with yet another 64 mls of gentle, soaking rains.  Too good for words!

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