Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tribute to Stuart Carty

What sad news we received yesterday, of the passing of Stuart Carty.  What a very special friend, a treasured brother IN HIM, a special mentor, and a passionate hunter.  Ken first "guided" Stuart when Ken would have been about 11 years old.  When we made our very first trip to the USA in 1995, we landed on Stuart and Martha's door, and sort of "adopted" them as US Parents. They opened their home to us, and helped us get started in the US hunting market.  Our hearts are sore with you Martha, and we so appreciate the incredible man Stuart was.

What is happening in the bush?  Not a whole lot, but a few little bit of news -
What a blessing to have my Mom here for a week all to myself, and now my Dad! He spent some time up in South Sudan, and now on his way back to Australia, he is here for just under two weeks. Sadly he heads home on Saturday, so our time is almost up.
Dennis turned 75, and is in great health! He and Mom keep busy with all sorts of appointments.
Micaela is busy with her 2nd quarter exams. JohnD is preparing to race in the Kremetat cycling race this weekend.
Ken had a fun road trip with Micaela's school Merensky - going to "Nampo". This is the biggest agricultural show in Africa.  Merensky sends a group of their agricultural students, with the Agricultural teachers, every year to the show.  They had an extra seat on the bus, and were quite happy to let "Micaela's Dad" tag along! ;)
The Sable have settled in nicely, and appear to be frequenting the lodge, which we are very glad about. I have YET to see them, but with one of his walks this week, my Dad caught glimpse of them.
We have had a few more little calves from the cattle.  All just tooo beautiful for words.
We have had quite spectacular weather, and are not in the grip of winter just yet! Hunting has been very slow, so we have been using the time to catch up with lots of "other" things.
Please forgive my slow progress on getting the website sorted out... I am learning how it works, and i can't believe how much time each little change takes!
Big hugs to you all, us xx

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