Monday, December 1, 2014


We are thinking of all of our very special friends in the USA and we wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We are grateful for your involvement in our lives, and are so aware of Father's faithfulness to us over the years, and your part in it all.
Our beloved Micaela and JohnD have finished yet another year of school. This photo was taken at the hostel year end function.  It is hard to believe that Micaela only has two years left of school, and JohnD only has 4 years left. We are so thankful for the wonderful school that we have the privilege to be a part of. 

Micaela has excelled at both her academics and sports and she is holding thumbs to have placed with the top 10 for her grade again.  
JohnD also had a good year, with lots of adjustments and learning the ropes. He enjoyed the hostel life and the sports, and certainly has made us proud! He has applied himself with his studies too, and we are so thankful for Father's faithfulness, and his good health. 
Nothing quite like a bonfire!  We enjoyed our very first bbq at the craal. We are so thankful for the wonderful rain that also came this weekend. Much needed and so refreshing.
Micaela celebrated her 17th birthday this weekend too, with some of her friends from school.
The young chap on the far right of this photo is her sweetheart, Jean Le Gransie.  
Dad and Mom are both well, and in great health. Ken and I are also well, and we are so grateful to our Father for His Grace and Mercy.
We have a busy December ahead of us, and are so looking forward to the Hendrix family joining us again after Christmas, with friends of theirs. 

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