Wednesday, August 17, 2016


…..I completely understand if you don’t even check anymore! Forgive me? I hope that all of these little notes make up for it. I struggle to get around to everything that I need to do.
I’ve completely given up on the idea of trying to resurrect our website. I’ve been blocked out of wordpress, and it’s not possible for me to go through all of the work of setting it all up again, just to possibly lose it again next year.   It would appear that the websites that are based on the use of programs that are free and “user-friendly”, are also abuser-friendly too, and easy to hack.  So, it’s my plan that we use this blog site until I am able to find someone who can build us a website, without using any of the free and “easy to hack programs”. 
Stop press!!! I have finally opened a Shi-awela Facebook page, and an Instagram page. I am learning…. So if you have posted something there, and I have not responded, forgive me!  I still have to cook breakfast, lunch and supper for our guests every day, I still have to run the school TAXI Monday and Friday, do all of the shopping and I still have to keep an eye on things at the lodge…  so the admin / office work happens in between as and when I can.
I am in the process of sorting photos, and getting my thoughts together to try and bring ya’ll up to date from March, so will add some more posts as soon as I get them ready.

Thanks for checking in and watch this space ;)

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