Friday, June 2, 2017

OH LA LA!!! Oh Happy Day :)

After many years of being unable to travel, my beloved parents were finally able to visit! Thank you to our Heavenly Father for a miracle with their application for a travel visa being granted.  We had such a wonderful time catching up and it was all over too fast.  They are both fit, well, and looking
great!  I pray that they will be able to visit annually, like in the past.

Our Micaela is thoroughly submerged in her 'first year' Biological Sciences courses at the University of Pretoria, and managing to keep her head above water! Lots of new ropes to swing from, and she seems to be enjoying all of the challenges. This is certainly a new BALL GAME for her, and one she seems to be "playing" quite well.  JohnD is very glad to have his learners driver's licence.  I guess I'm getting "old" now, if "even my BABY is driving!!!" :( ... to quote Micaela!
BoyDog (AKA Camo) was very glad to start hunting again this month, and he certainly has a way of winning friends and influencing people! It's quite common for him to sit around the fire in the evening, enjoying the conversation, as if he were one of the 'boys'.... well, I guess he is! ;)  Al Finch and Skip Montgomery... so wonderful to have you here with us! :) Thank you for coming again. So good to have you back.
We had the 4th year Agricultural Students here from the University of Venda, for an information session and training hosted by the National Nguni Society.  Ken enjoyed showing off our beloved cows, and the students all seemed to enjoy the day.
With a full day in the bush at the corral, we were anxious about the need for ablutions, so Ken "made a plan" for them...  
And our David Hendrix from the USA has graduated SUMMA CUM LAUDE!  Having spent several summers here with us over the years, and many hours in our home and around our table, we feel awfully proud of him. With the amazing technology, we were able to watch him online, receive his degree. Well done YOU David. :) Standing ovation from this side. 
Our winter calving season has begun, and we have a few beautiful little ones!!! We never tire of them.  We also have 8 buffalo babies so far this year!  The herd is doing well.
We had the pleasure of Hendrik's group again in May, and especially the joy of these little ones, who certainly enjoyed the bush and the culture of campfire stories and songs.  The uniform look of these little guys in their hunting cammo with their big smiles and enthusiastic energy is quite special. 

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