Monday, May 25, 2009

A flip in a chopper is just as good a motivation as you can get if you ask me! I've been amazed at how much easier his food goes down when he knows that he won't get a flight, unless he has had all of his breakfast! :) He has had quite a bit of pain in his jaws this time around & meal times have not been as easy as we would like.

The distraction of having the game capturers here also kept him preoccupied - which was a REAL blessing. He motored through his school work too - in anticipation of being able to go to the site where they had the bomas all set up. They love to get onto the lorrys and watch what is happening. On Sunday I joined them - taking a picnic basket and a shade umbrella. I also took my mending basket too!!! It always lands up being quite a long day, sitting around waiting for action... then when the animals come it - it's always so quick you hardly see anything.

On Friday, Micaela and I were able to go to Tzaneen to spend the afternoon and evening with Ilse. Her daughter Julise, was performing in several dance items their school's Culture Evening. It was a real treat for us to be included in this special evening! Julise danced so well, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening. On Saturday morning, Micaela and I spent a few hours at their Mall, looking for some winter clothes for her. Louis Trichardt does not have the same choice and variety as Tzaneen!

Got a busy week ahead - looks like Jen is coming down for more shopping in a few days, so it will be nice to see her again.

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