Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Ball with a Bow...

I've been going back a little and thinking of all of the amazing things that really should be shared. This certainly is one of them, and involves our very dear friends from Tzaneen - Abraham and Ilse de Villiers. Abraham and Corne (Abraham's bow hunting mentor) came out to the farm a few Saturdays ago, to do some measuring and calculating for some work that Corne is going to be doing for us. In the course of the afternoon, JohnD was able to spend some time with the men.

To cut a long story short, Abraham and Corne, with the contributions from the Allesbest Farm folks - gave JohnD a Matthews Compound Bow!

It was all a big surprise, and JohnD was just delighted to unwrap a "real bow". Funily enough, Ken had started making him a bow, and he had started asking all sorts of questions about a "real bow". Abraham and Corne's timing was just amazing.

Well, with this new challenge, it has been just wonderful for JohnD to practice his drawing and aiming skills. His little shoulders and arms are WORN OUT! He proudly told me yesterday evening that he has "actually hit the bull's eye five times now Mom!"

With the location of the port-a-cath on his right shoulder, he is unable to shoot the rifle any more. He was getting pretty good at aiming / shooting with his left hand, and he even got two doves while Biz was here. :)

If he continues to practice so hard and do so well, I guess it will not be long and he will be hunting with it!

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  1. Hi Jo, Ken, Micaela & JohnD,

    How fantastic, what a great idea, am sure this will save you an awful lot of time as I know you are unable to resist individually answering all the many sms's that you constantly receive!

    It's really lovely to see JohnD having fun in between the awful bits - so important! Also wanted to say, well done on being half way thru the chemo.

    Thinking of you all so much & sending you loads of love,
    Rachel, Steve, Charlie, Syd, Joss & Lola

    PS GORGEOUS photo at the top of the page!