Saturday, June 13, 2009

God is good!

Home again - after VIDE session number 4. We have another two treatments to go on this 1st phase. It will be followed by 7 sessions of VAC treatment. At least the VAC treatment will only mean 24 hours in hospital each 3 weeks, and not four days in hospital!

This time went very much like the last three times... Him watching cartoon network and giggling for the best part of the day. Me sitting with him mending, or reading! Then as the day wears out - he goes down pretty quickly. Here is a snapshot of him managing alittle smile. He really has been doing so very well and we are amazed at how quickly he bounces back. He has been managing little meals - eating really slowly seems to be the key to keeping it down. There is no place like home. :)
Micaela took great pride in working very hard at the lodge while we were away, and proved herself to be a remarkable little "hostess" - so I was VERY proud to hear all of the glowing praise when we got home!

He is now intent on going hunting with Ken this afternoon! The bad weather we have had all week has meant that the hunters have been struggling.

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