Friday, June 26, 2009

Bouncing back!

We have watched him completely turn around this week, and he is back to 'normal' again - eating like he should, full of mischief, smiles, and enjoying life. His medicine is finished.
We have two little friends here for the weekend - Agnes and her brother Julias Jacobson. They are from Sweden, and their ages match Micaela and JohnD's perfectly! Their parents had to go to Johannesburg for the weekend, so it's a mutually beneficial weekend sleepover!

We will be very sad to say goodbye to the Stone family tomorrow. It's been such a wonderful 12 days for both children - as Delaney has kept them entertained and they have played up a storm.

Young Michael Philpott shot an impressive Nyala this afternoon! Will try publish a photo on my next post!

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