Friday, August 21, 2009

At home again!

What a long day! They drew blood early this morning to check on JohnD's levels, and his Dr was very happy. With the two units of blood that he received, his full blood count has not looked that good in ages! :) They removed the drain from his wound, as well as the port needle... and we were able to come home!

My Aunt and Uncle (my Dad's brother) had collected my parents from the airport on Wednesday afternoon, and so they brought them to the Zuid Afrikaans Hospital for me... we spent about half an hour getting everything loaded, finalised, and organized - and we were on our way home. It is wonderful to have my parents here - we last saw them in November last year.

JohnD is weary and tender... but he is doing so well. We are very proud of him. I'll try get some of the photos loaded tomorrow.

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