Saturday, August 22, 2009

A few pictures

Waiting for his blood to come on Monday. Note his colour in the picture on the left - before receiving the blood... and then here on the right - he is busy receiving his second unit. I watched him transform! He had renewed energy, appetite, and was full of smiles.

Left - just before he was wheeled into theatre. He asked Dr Stevens if he could please go without 'gas' - and also to please take a picture of his rib. He knew that we couldn't bring it home with us... we left the camera in theatre and they snapped a few pictures for us.

We hope to hear Monday or Tuesday, what the results are on the tests they do on the rib. They were unable to take all of it out, as the last little section close to the cartilage was too difficult. Four pieces were sent away.

JohnD is in ICU with Dr de Jager, our particularly special Paediatric Oncologist.

Here he is with his amazing surgeon, Dr Mark Stevens. His office was open to us to use their computers... and his PA - Carin, was such a tremendous support to us.

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