Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, this time next month... Christmas will be here! I can't believe we are getting ready to put 2009 to bed!!! Talk about a quick year. A very special Happy Thanksgiving to all of our USA family! May you have a really lovely day tomorrow.

We back on the road tomorrow taking JohnD for his 4th VAC treatment. He developed a mild fever this evening, so I don't know what awaits us... I do hope that we will not be delayed in coming home on Friday. Micaela turns 12 on Sunday, so she has big plans for this weekend!

Their lessons with their Afrikaans teacher "Tanny Kobie" are going so well. She did art with them this afternoon too, and she is just amazing with them. A born / natural teacher.
Micaela's little kitten is officially called "Kit-Kat". What a cute little thing. It has figured out that the dogs actually run away if they are chased! It's too funny to see.

We have busy doing some much needed maintenance at the lodge. Golly - I sure hope we get through it all before the Goldfinch group arrive after Christmas! :)
The much needed rains came and have worked their magic. Thank you Lord!!! We still need much rain, but at least the green is through!
Love you all, us xxx

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