Monday, November 30, 2009

Micaela's 12th!

Can you believe that my baby is now 12? She celebrated her birthday this weekend in a rather different way. She wanted to camp out with her good friend Bianca... so for an entire week - she got the lists / camping gear / camp site all ready. She cleared a spot under the tree in the bush behind the house... Made a fire pit, collected the wood, and had fun getting herself organized. We had come back from Pretoria on Friday evening - and Johnd was well enough for us to also get Ivan to come for Saturday night. She did the braaing for us - ZEBRA STEAKS, and sausage... with buns, salad, pap, sauce and of course SMORES!!! :) The two girls didn't back out at all, and we even all played stalk the lantern!After brunch and her "brownie" cake on Sunday, we all went to Mucha for a swim. It was a very hot day. We had a big thunder storm on Friday night, with about 11 mls of rain. Saturday evening was a full moon - just beautiful and clear, lovely evening. Sunday night it rained again, and we had a whopping 42mls!

JohnD has been a little blocked up still and his chemo went ahead with no surprises. His full blood count on Thursday was very good, and his Dr has decided to try and see if his bone marrow and while cells will be as strong without all of the neupogen injections, so we are giving it a try this time. He and Ivan managed to keep up with the girls, but by Sunday afternoon, after dropping Bianca and Ivan off... he slept from 1 to 4pm!

The rain has transformed our place into the garden of eden! :) Much love, Us all xxx

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