Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hunting, Horses & Heat ...

JohnD with his Chloe (above)
Micaela introducing her Molasses (tiny black kitty) to her Jasmine!!!

Micaela with her Jasmine
These photos were taken on Christmas Day, a full week after the horses arrived here.
They both have quickly learnt the routine of NYUMMY food in the evening, and get very excited with the arrival of the children. Chloe appears to be donimant, and quite competative for any treats... Hope this is simply because she is about 4 months pregnant.
Stephen, Renee, and five other guests arrived the day before yesterday, for a hunt. It's wonderful to have Nicol and Karia here again... the hunters have been doing well, and have taken some lovely trophies. Karia is looking LOVELY!!! What a beautiful Pregnant Mommy she looks.
It's been pretty warm, and it makes hunting a challenge... as it's EARLY mornings, and LATE evenings... with afternoon naps! :)
Big hugs to you all.
JohnD's next treatment is Thursday next week, all going well.

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