Sunday, December 20, 2009

New and exciting happenings... :)

Phew - this week has just been quite a whirlwind week. Most of the staff went off on Tuesday, so had to do all of the wages / Christmas stuff before they left. I had to take JohnD in for his bloods - as without nupogen after the last chemo, we were unsure as to what his levels would be like. His white cel count was very low, so we are back on to the injections again.
Thursday JohnD and I went to pretoria for his 3rd last chemo... came back Friday afternoon, and he has been quite well.

While we were on the road, Ken called to say that we had an opportunity to buy two resuce horses who could be trucked up from the Freestate on Saturday. (Months ago, we had called this dealer, looking for very tame and managable childrens horses.) They needed an answer immediately, as they were loading early the next morning to come to Pietersburg to deliver other horses. They had space in their box, and we would not have to pay for delivery.
We were all a bit aprehensive about buying horses that we know are in bad condition, that we have not even seen. ! GULP. Are we sitting ducks for "being taken for a ride???"
We took the plunge / bait / challenge, looking at it as a marvelous opportunity (for Micaela especially), to build a relationship with a horse who needs her T.L.C., and she really needs a horse to love! :) The white mare is definitely pregnant, and the brown mare is possibly pregnant, but we do not know for sure. Both horses have not stopped eating all of the green grass since they walked off the trailer. Shame. Our hearts break to think how badly they were treated. But, we are happy to know how much they are going to be loved!!! They both appear to be VERY GENTLE, managable, easy to approach, and used to being handled. We will only be able to even THINK about riding them in about two weeks or more - once they have regained some of their condition.
The horse dealer said that she will come and collect them in a month if we are not completely satisfied, and she will replace them with others. So - we are now on a fast track learning curve... with yet another rescue animal.
Big hugs from us all in the green, lush, sunny, alive bushveldt!

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