Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catchup... ? ! :)

We had a lovely day with Mom, on her 70th birthday - celebrating with family and friends. We had a light lunch at the lodge, and despite the short notice, we had a wonderful turnout. Mum has not had her hip replacement op yet, as it had to be postponed. Hopefully they will re-schedule it for early in the new year. This picture below has (from left to right) Jo, Chantal (back), Rachel, Mom, Ken, Micaela, JohnD, Richard, Dad & Angela.Mum's circle of friends.
JohnD's surgery went well. His thick head of hair is quite something! ;) He is 100%. Thank you LORD!
The long awaited arrival of "Sir Prize" was an extremely special evening! 10pm, all of us were out in the back paddock, under the most amazing stary sky... and Jasmine allowed us to stroke, talk to, kiss, and handle her beautiful little wet colt. She is a wonderful mommy!
Micaela thinks he is the most PERFECT horse in the world. She lifts his feet, has a little rope halter on him, grooms him, handles him, hoses him down, takes him with on rides, and kisses him lots!
We had fun in Kariba with family at the end of August. My parents visited from Australia, and we spent a few days fishing. JohnD and my father were the only ones to catch a tiger!
Here is a picture of Jenny, Derek, Michael, Myself, Kyra, Micaela, Ken & JohnD.
After a month and a half of internet problems, and being BLOCKED at the server... my difficulties have hopefully been sorted. Sorry for the long silence. I somehow got a terrible virus that just knocked me off the system for ages.

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  1. Hi there, message from Sweden! So wonderful to see your lovely family, your mum & dad, beatiful wife & kids. So good to read about JohnD that he is 100 %. I have been thinking of you through out the years, and I will never forget your love and hospitality I received from your family when I visited you at your farm.

    I wish I had a nice blog like you, but unfortunately not, but we are a family of five and Terése and I have been married for 20 years in February 2011. We have a daughter and two sons, Victoria is turning 18 in March, Matthias is 16, and little Benjamin is turning 8 next saturday.

    I have been in the aviation field for the last ten years and since five years head of section in the Civil Aviation Authorithy, Terése are at a kindergarden about half time. We are also involved in ministry, teaching and leading worship in different churches. We have also been connected to Tom Inglis and the ministry of psalmody since the time I was in SA. Right now we are translating his new book, and new material.

    We are very thankful to God for His faithfullnes and love towards us. Even if life sometimes have been tough, He will never leave or forsake us. I wish you all Gods richest blessings and please send my love to ALL your family. BIG HUGS from Magnus & family =) =)