Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Australia! 3 weeks & so many memories!

Pete - What wonderful memories - thanks so much!!!
Claire, Mom and I.
Zara with one of the chickens! Claire has 3 layers who kept up an amazing supply of fresh eggs!
Us with Ken's cousin Tracy, and her two boys Declan and Connor. It was such a special time of catching up.
Us with the Greig family, at Sea World in Brisbane. What a special day!!! Gary, Elizabeth, Daniel and Jonathan (our Godson).
Both JohnD and Micaela had a surfing lesson, joining up with Ben and John at their class. Just a quick lesson on the beach, and both of them were standing on their boards, within an hour!!!
We took to the beach at every opportunity we got. Sydney is surrounded by the most unbelievable beauty. Thanks so much Pete & Claire, for trecking all 12 of us all around!!! ;)
Elizabeth (Womble!!!) and I on Kings beach in Brisbane. 20 years of wonderful friendship and so many miles between us - really doesn't change a thing!
Beautiful sunny Sunday, the 12 of us took to the trains, buses & ferries, painting the town red. So many beautiful sights, sounds and places! Experiences and memories to treasure forever!
The three boys just burned it up, every waking moment! Dunno who got the most worn out of the three of them! ;)
Yet another amazing beach - with too much fun to be had...
Annabel & Zara on my lap, getting their nails painted.
All six kids together, this is what it's all about!
Claire and I got the giggles!
Daddy and I at the airport.

Out on the farm an hour from Sydney. At the back - Pete, Claire & Ken
Middle - Micaela, Dad, Mom & me. Front - Ben, Annabel, JohnD & John

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