Sunday, May 15, 2011

April, May & June all rolled into one...

Ohmygoodnessme... does anyone out there still even check our blog? I wonder.... I certainly have been really pushed for time, and my computer has been a little cranky on me... too little free memory.
After John Knowles from Boise left us, we had the privilege of having Terry and Jo here from Michigan, for their 6th Safari here. Terry, as usual, didn't waste any time with his package. We had the joy of Derek & Jen visiting us from Zim, with Michael and Kyra. The cousins had fun catching up; having not see each other since August last year. We were also glad to see Nicol, Karia and young Jean for a few days too! He is growing up so fast, and really is cute!
Great excitement while they were all here - Ken finally traded in his very old blue broken tractor for a shiny little RED MASSEY. No more pull starting every morning. No more "boer-maak-a-plan" repairs. No more worries!!! (This is actually a very long story, but I won't bore you all with the details.)
We have had a steady stream of simply BEAUTIFUL little Nguni calves being born, and while Steve & Tina Deierlein (from Charleston) were with us, they had the fun of meeting CbarC - a little bull who was given their brand name. :) He was born while they were on safari with us.
JohnD asked to be baptized in May, so he along with a group of family and friends from Johannesburg, all got baptized in our Mucha Dam. :)
We also had the pleasure of Dave Sebright and Denny Sprick, also from Michigan. They hunted with us 1x1, so we enlisted the help of Ron Sparrow for this hunt. :) Thanks Ron. Two calves were born while they were here. Dad & Mom celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! Dad celebrated his birthday too.
Just a week ago, Brian & Dannette Reed arrived with us from Charleston. We have them with us now! Boy oh boy - they have been blessed. The weather has been really great and we were all wowed last night with the total eclipse of the moon. I gave us all dinner in the boma, and we had our own private show. By about 10:30pm we were all pooped though, and went to bed... just as it was really red!
We also have the joy of a new arrival - Prince Rocky. A tall, handsome, 11yr old Gelding Thoroughbread horse. Boy oh boy does he make Jasmine and Chloe look like little ponies. Sir Prize has now been weaned from his Momma (Jasmine). He and the two young quarter horses are at Silverbank (Dad and Mom's place), until such time we can arrange for Cruising Pleasure to be gelded... We don't want any more horses!!! In fact, we really should find good homes for Jasmine and Chloe. Anyone needing a good child's pony? Six horses is really too many for us!!! You try talk to Micaela about selling Sir Prize. Well, she just about comes undone.
Ken and I now have the BlackBerry phone ... :) I finally got it right. I'm constantly amazed by how many of my emails just do not get through. I really should have done it years ago. PLEASE everyone - if you don't hear back from me fairly promplty regarding anything - chances are the emails are not getting through. Ken is still getting his driver's licence for it, but we will get there! Anyone who has a blackberry... we'd love to be able to add you to our bbm!! It's just the BEST!
Carol is doing really well, and is pretty moblie. Well done Ma!!! She lost her skype again, so anyone who was in skype contact with her, please add her as your contact again! ;)
Since the end of last year, I have only had three domestic ladies full time, so I have been pretty stretched. We all miss Esther, but she was very unwell, and needed some R&R.
The winter is really cold this year, and I wear my coat EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I thank my Heavenly Father for it every single time I put it on!!! I had another kiss from my Heavely Father in Australia when my Claire blessed me with another 'dream' - some tall leather boots. Boy do they also keep me warm - and they fit !!! (another long story!)
Well, I really have rambled on long enough. I must get this posted. Will try work on some photos, but no promises!!! Big hugs to you all, and hope this makes up for all of the silence.
Love Ken, Jo & Kids xxx

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