Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunny days and blue skies

This month of June has flown by so fast, and has had the most typical winter weather we have seen in a long time. Crisp and fresh early mornings and evenings... cloudless blue skies and the coldest temperatures yet! Don't think that because we are in Africa, that it's only ever hot here.

We have had the joy of David Harrell's company from Texas, and his 10 day hunt has been quite unusual. All of his desired trophies were harvested within about five days, so he has just been 'having fun'... Talk about no pressure! Ken, David and Micaela also took a three day trip to Kruger National Park, and were blessed out of their socks with spotting ALL of the big five.

Micaela took him for her very last ride on Chloe. On Tuesday I delivered Chloe to the same man who purchased Jasmine from us. Both horses are now settled in their new home, and it is a relief. Our original intention to have "a horse for Micaela" somehow turned into SIX horses ... so our two "starter ponies" have now moved on to someone who has just started. No doubt he will also learn how quickly 1 + 1 = 15 "when it comes to horses!"

JohnD has got to play in two cricket matches this month, and both times his team won. He is really enjoying it. The kids are both looking forward to their winter school holidays, and will finish up with their tests tomorrow.

Ken has his birthday on Sunday. We have a few days break before the Brantley Family join us from Charleston next month. Hugs to you all. Keep warm and remember to enjoy every single day.

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