Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Falling Star?

It is really a joy to have David, Janell, James and Kiffen here - never a dull moment. ;) We had supper at Mucha last night, and there was a falling star that absolutely lit the night sky like nothing I have ever seen before. We ALL saw it, and the trail remained visible for ages! Did anyone else see it?

The young hunters have certainly been successful, with yesterday in particular, being a busy day. Big smiles on everyone's face around the fire.

The kids only have a week left of holidays, and then it's back to the normal routine. I must say, the child in me will never be 'happy' with the return of the school days... ;) JohnD had the joy of camping out on the Limpopo with some friends of his for two nights. He came home exhausted, but full of stories. Micaela also had the joy of visiting a friend for a few days (also along the Limpopo too !!) The house is quite a different place when there is only one child home!

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