Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello hello hello!!!

I'm not even going to try and apologise for the long time since my last post! Ha ha - It just does not seem to make any difference anyway! :) For those who still read this - it's worth waiting for - I PROMISE!

Yes, the long awaited trip back to Dr de Jager gave us yet another ALL CLEAR! His x-rays and his blood work all could not have been more positive, so we truly thank and praise our Heavenly Father for his faithful hand over us all. The photo above was taken just before we left.

Young Cruiser had his little "snip" operation a few weeks ago - poor chap! He was amazing, and a star patient!!! His recovery has been fantastic, but it was quite funny to watch him under the effects of the drugs... he went down like a little dog!

My Dad and Mom came to visit from Australia - and I actually had the privilege and pleasure of their company - ALL TO MYSELF. "Mommy" was with us for a week, and then headed to Cape Town to see her family there, and after "Daddy" finished in the Sudan and Zimbabwe, he came to us for ten days. It really was the first time in I can't even remember how long, that we had good quality time together, without the pressure of any thing else on the go. It was very lovely!

We had great excitement tonight, Micaela's cow has calved, and produced a beautiful little heifer. She is very pretty - and of course Micaela is in her element... Long may her farming passion continue!

She had a really great time at the All Africa Students Convention in Bloemfontein at the beginning of the month. We had enrolled her for table tennis, 200m dash, checkers and she also exhibited a painting. She came 3rd with her sprint, and actually got a nomination for the International Students Convention in the USA for next year. :) We were all delighted, but none more surprised than Micaela herself. I don't think she knows how fast she really is! Of course I've known for years, as it's me that has to try and catch her whenever she runs off!!!

I also managed to snap her on Rocky - she knows how to get him to rear on demand.... golly doesn't this make a pretty picture? !

JohnD has a very successful little crop of bare necked chickens - which he is enjoying and diligently looking after!

He has done so very well with his tennis this year, and he won the last 'round robbin' for under 12's. He was so proud of himself, and exhibited tremendous maturity under pressure. He is at the bottom left in this picture.

We have had 34mls of rain so far, and the veldt is already greening up and looking magical. Summer is finally here! :D

Big hugs to you all from Bandolierkop.

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  1. oh man oh man! time just goes too fast!! love you and miss you all!!

    I can't believe M and her horse! AMAZING!!