Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brilliant Bush Bulletin!!!!!!

Ken and Micaela took a drive this afternoon. Ken was up one the kopjie (Fort Biff) and Micaela was sitting on the ball valve at the waterhole. The herd of buffalo came in to drink, and she very quickly got onto the truck. She saw first hand our newest little baby buffalo, whom she named "Merensky". This little lady did a wee in front of Micaela so we KNOW she is a girl!!!
Micaela came home from bording school again this weekend and she is just as happy as can be. She loves her new school and is adjusting well. THANK YOU LORD!
We leave for the USA on Saturday night, so just a few short days left. LOADS to get done, but we are all getting excited. The children will be joining us in the USA this year. We will spend our time in Charleston and Atlanta.
Biz is getting married the weekend before SEWE, so we can't wait to celebrate with the Ford family! - - - In haste! Love Jo xxx

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