Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012! :)

Jo, Ken, Bren, Roxy, Robs, JohnD, Boris, Ella, Micaela, Susie, Al - Family Christmas. :)

The Zartmann family, the night before they left. :(

Mom, Derek, Dad, Al, Ken, Boris, Jen, Bren, Robs & Susie...

Swimming in the Tzaneen Dam with Wighardt & Saartjie :)

Boating!!! :) Rachel & Micaela out camping! :0

First chance JD had with a fishing rod in some time... but not much time. He made the most of it!

Micaela milking our Foster mommy - boy is the taste so different!

JohnD and his Lady Lulu!

Christmas day - Me above, and Derek & Ken below...

It's a very lazy, sunny, Sunday afternoon - the old has gone and the new has come! It appears that far fewer folks are sending text, email, snailmail, whatsapp, bbm, or any other kind of festive greetings. ??? Or is it only me??? Maybe the year snuck up on all of us too quickly? Whatever the reason, we know that we have a Faithful and Loving Father, who holds yesterday, today & tomorrow in Hands, and we hope that your today & tomorrow are full of His love, His light, His presence, and His passion.

We have a New Year function at the lodge now... the kids have taken themselves off with their friends, and are swimming at Mucha. Oh the joys of their independence, and motivation! They grow so fast. It seems like just yesterday, we were camping the new year in... and as much as we tried to keep that tradition, the summer rains always thwarted our efforts!

This year we celebrated New Year - a family dinner down the road, and reflected on the wonderful highlights of 2011. Yes, God is faithful, and present with HIS presence in all we have and do.
We have yet another year of good health for all of us.
We have two wonderful children, who are growing up so quickly, and who bring us much delight.
We are surrounded by special friends and family, who add so much value to our lives.
We have an international family too, that continually surprise us with heart smiles and true connections that add eternal value.

We have had a good year with our business, the game & ranch continues to meet our needs.

We have a growing and beautiful Nguni Herd, that brings us much delight - and we are all learning so much.

We have enjoyed the protection of our Father, and are aware of His Goodness and Faithfulness daily.

We are excited about 2012, and look forward to walking each day in the knowledge that we can enjoy each and every gift... celebrating LIFE.

Hope you enjoyed the pics xxx very fond love to you all, and make the most of it! You only have one life to live... enjoy it all. Blessings! The Ball Family

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